Let’s here from Amy Masek of Clarkson College, recent recipient of the ICON scholarship.

The 2018 Brick and Click Conference on November 1-2 in Maryville, MO was awesome! I was searching for a small conference to attend and I knew that ICON gave scholarships, but did not know much about the process. So I applied for, and received one, almost right away! The ICON scholarship covered my registration fees, which allowed me to use my limited travel funds for lodging the previous night. The pre-conference dine-a-rounds in Maryville were fun and I got to know librarians from all over. I brought back ideas for using OERs, assessing informational literacy in small academic libraries, instruction ideas for first year and online students, and ways to improve library instruction. This smaller, but information packed conference, is well planned, in a great location and is perfect for learning and sharing your ideas with colleagues. ICON seems generous with their scholarships and I encourage others to apply. This was overall a great experience! Thank you ICON!!

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